"Using the Margetts funds is a great way of consolidating investments within a tax efficient product"
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Why Margetts?

A qualified professional adviser will be able to advise you on how to plan in the most tax efficient manner to meet your future financial goals. Your goals may be to provide for children’s school fees, to pay for your retirement or simply to have some money for a rainy day. Part of your overall strategy is likely to involve ISA portfolios, a pension fund and an investment portfolio. In order to meet your goals, it is important that you have a coherent strategy for your investments which is in line with your risk profile, and that both the strategy and investments are reviewed regularly to ensure that they are on target to achieve your goals.

Using the Margetts funds is a great way of consolidating investments within a tax efficient product. Most collective investment schemes are constrained to one particular asset class or geographical location, such as Corporate Bonds or European Smaller Companies. The problem for many investors is that they accumulate investments based on economic and investment conditions at the time of investment. Although a portfolio may have been constructed with a strategy at initiation, many investors find it difficult to find the time to manage their portfolio with regular reviews to ensure that it is still on track to meet their future goals. The time required to collect the necessary information from a number of investment firms that hold the investments and an overwhelming amount of data can cause even sophisticated investors to put their heads in the sand and hope that in time their current portfolio will be ok!

Margetts funds offer you the ability to consolidate the majority of core investments into one portfolio of up to four fund of funds, with a coherent investment strategy that allocates across different assets and geographical locations in order to suit the changing economic and investment conditions. Using the Margetts funds means that your investments are all in one place, and our reporting systems allow you to track the progress of your investments easily to ensure that you are on track to meet your goals.

The Margetts funds have performed strongly over time, and whilst past performance is no guarantee of future performance, it does demonstrate that the techniques applied by Margetts have worked through different investment cycles in the past.

Margetts is a privately owned investment boutique, which is not tied to any other fund management institution for investment purposes. The major benefit of our size is that we are able to search a wider investment universe. Larger firms will be constrained in the funds that they can invest in, due to their size as a percentage of the underlying funds. In addition, by not being tied to any other fund management group, this allows free thought on market and economic trends. Large investment houses will have a team of experts to analyse economic data, which will be passed to the investment teams. Other multi-manager managers may have to use or be influenced by their house view. Margetts analyse economic data and use research provided by many other top fund management groups in order to arrive at an independent view - as often economists will argue about the conclusion, despite using the same data.