"Using the Margetts funds is a great way of consolidating investments within a tax efficient product"
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Administration Services

For IFA practices running many individual client portfolios, Margetts may be able to administer individual or a range of new fund of funds. This allows the adviser to effectively have their own fund(s), into which they can put their clients’ investments and manage collectively, rather than on an individual basis.

There are many advantages to this approach:
  • The adviser can make changes to the fund’s holdings and this will affect each of the clients invested into the fund*
  • Changes to holdings can be made in an efficient manner, all at the same time
  • The client has one unit price, together with simpler taxation and distribution considerations
  • The fund(s) can be used either as a complete solution to the clients’ investment requirements, or as a core holding only
  • The value of the investment management becomes much more under the adviser’s control*
  • Administration and paperwork is greatly simplified
Please talk to Margetts if you are interested in exploring this possibility.

*Subject to FSA approval and each firm having the necessary permissions.