"Using the Margetts funds is a great way of consolidating investments within a tax efficient product"
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How to Invest

The Margetts Risk Rated funds can be purchased directly from Margetts by completing our application form as either a straightforward unit trust investment or as an ISA. 

Alternatively, the funds are available through a range of wrap and platform accounts.

The following table shows some of the main providers.  If your preference is missing then please contact us and we will do our best to help.


Platforms allow investors to consolidate all their investments with different fund managers in different tax wrappers to one account. 

Margetts funds are available on the following platforms, however they may not be available for all tax wrappers.  We have provided the below guide, however we would recommend that you speak to the relevant platform company for up to date information.





Standard Life


True Potential


Pensions and SIPPs

Specifically for pension and SIPP accounts the following providers can be used to access the Margetts funds as well as the platforms above.




Offshore Bonds 

Specifically for offshore bond wrappers the following providers can be used to access the Margetts funds in addition to the platforms above.


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