"Using the Margetts funds is a great way of consolidating investments within a tax efficient product"
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Margetts Risk Rated Portfolio Service
The Margetts Risk Rated range of four funds have been designed for advisers looking to outsource part or all of their fund management process to professional fund managers.

Each of the Margetts Risk Rated funds has a fixed risk rating, which the managers focus on when setting the asset allocation and selecting underlying investments.
Investors can utilise the Risk Rated Portfolio Service to match their risk profile by using a combination of Margetts Risk Rated funds in one portfolio. Our tools allow advisers to tailor a portfolio to clients’ individual needs.

We believe that this process aids both adviser and investor when consolidating their portfolios, providing a clear picture of their overall strategy. We believe that financial planning and investment management are both full time roles and that by using the Margetts Risk Rated Portfolio service, information can flow more efficiently, giving advisers more time to concentrate on planning for a client’s future needs.
Margetts Investment Tools
Margetts has developed tools to aid the investment process and help advisers ensure that their clients benefit from a complete solution.

We have developed the following five steps to help you set up and manage a Margetts Risk Rated portfolio.
Risk Profiling
Margetts believes that when establishing or reviewing a portfolio an investor’s most important decision is how much risk they can afford and are willing to take in order to achieve their objectives. The risk profile will determine the expected returns of the portfolio.
Risk Rated Report
Margetts’ reporting system can tailor and recommend a blend of our funds and illustrate how the portfolio will look and be managed.
Suitability Letter
Margetts has teamed up with ThreeSixty, a national compliance firm. As part of this partnership, ThreeSixty have created a suitability letter, which advisers can use as a template when recommending a Margetts Risk Rated strategy.
Our application form has been designed to minimise paperwork. In one form, clients can apply for a direct investment, regular saver, ISA investment and have the ability to transfer existing ISAs from other providers.
Fund Management Diary
The portfolio should be reviewed regularly to ensure that it remains on track to achieve the desired objectives. The risk profile of the client is likely to alter over time as their financial circumstances change.

The fund management team diarise the weekly investment meeting, which is published on the website.